Work Choice Day
A Day in the Life

Tuesday this week we had fifteen highschool  students from Avondale College come to see what a design studio is all about.  After taking them through what each of our roles involve day to day, they were briefed on a small project - to design an energy bar for the active lifestyle market.

Each team worked hard on their concepts and presented them very persuasively at the end of the session.  The winning team's bar was called RUSH with a tagline "Get Ahead...RUSH".

Sarah McCormack, the group's Art and Design teacher, commented that "The general concensus was that they absolutely loved the experience. They were extremely enthusiastic about design as a future career choice."

One student said "The team at Designworks gave me an insight into the work life of graphic designers...what they do, how it works and what they like about it. It also made me very keen to further my studies in Design."

Our team really enjoyed the day and hope to see some of these bright, young students in the industry within the next few years, maybe even as future Designworkers.