Fuzzy Logic
A Handmade Website for Lovers of Lo-Fi

'Fuzzy' is a music/film project and website for the Baby Giant. A collaboration between photographer and band member Chris Williams of Black Box,  designworks' own Douglas Bamber and Baby Giant.

The site is an environment for the seven 'songfilms' of Fuzzy that acts as a strangely stark backdrop for each. Central to the site is Williams' nightscape image, where a series of the band's favourite things are found seemingly discarded on a footpath. Each is a clue to what can be found, seen and heard via a series of buttons and pedals with song titles rendered in Jef Wong's beanstalk type. The net result is an eerie dissonant world for the set of handmade songs and films, all happily lo-fi. A limited physical edition of the recording packaged in fuzzy felt, completes the experience. Baby Giant's next project 'Woozy' is already taking shape in the studio and set for song by song release next year. With special thanks to Rob Brough for ongoing technical direction.