Designworks here

We believe that as brands lose the power to dictate the communications agenda and the effectiveness of traditional 'interrupt and repeat’ marketing diminishes, the role and importance of insight driven innovation and experiential design as a key influencer and competitive advantage is rapidly increasing.

It’s now widely recognised that reputation is no longer defined, or loyalty won, by what brands say about themselves but rather what consumers are saying about them - Choice is increasingly influenced by the recommendations of others and preference determined by the quality of the experience received.

Over recent years we’ve witnessed the inevitable decline in the effectiveness of traditional advertising as successful brands shift from a ‘selling at’ to an ‘engaging with’ mode in the pursuit for more authentic, relevant and efficient ways of building enduring relationships with consumers.

Designworks is a strategic design practice purpose built and ideally suited to this new paradigm - Over the past 30 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to growing a multi-disciplinary practice highly skilled at creating and curating brands that work brilliantly in an omni-channel age. With a staff of over 130 people in six offices across the Asia Pacific region we offer an unparalleled breadth and depth of capability across both physical and digital landscapes, enabling us to choreograph a brand experience seamlessly across and between all touch-points.

We are widely recognised for award-winning work informed by powerful consumer and market insight and driven by user-centred design thinking. Understanding the customer journey and stepping outside category conventions to drive inspiring stories and joyful experiences has always been the hallmark of our approach - An approach characterised by a unique blend of strategic logic and creative magic.

Ultimately, we’re a group of passionate people who believe deeply in design that works and who are motivated by a simple, shared purpose: To design the most loved and successful downunder brand in the world.