Liberating and Evolving
Air New Zealand Wordmark

Air New Zealand is a brand built on a strong investment in design and innovation. Informed by the brand strategy and visual identity program, already undertaken by Air New Zealand’s design and communication partners, it was agreed that the wordmark needed to be better aligned with their new brand promise, of ‘liberating travellers from the ordinary’. The identity needed to feel more modern and be imbued with a sense of momentum, credibility and elegance that would truly represent the character of the brand.

Guided by a strict set of design principles, a highly collaborative process was undertaken between Designworks and Air New Zealand. Akin to the collaboration between Air New Zealand and Trelise Cooper, renowned New Zealand typographer, Kris Sowersby, was consulted to craft and detail the letterforms to the standard required for an identity of this scale. The final wordmark was the result of a rigorous process of exploration, refinement and testing across a wide range of applications.

The final execution, is a contemporary, evolution of the old mark ‚ all now all in our national colour, black. The slightly higher cap height on the A is a subtle nod to the wordmark’s history and helps retain a sense of credibility, and all letterforms have been slightly italicised to give a sense of speed and momentum, with curved ends added for fluidity. The introduction of the angular serifs links the letterforms to the distinctive points found within the Koru. The final result is a modern and elegant identity that truly represents the liberated feel of the Air New Zealand brand. The new mark is being gradually rolled out across various touchpoints from livery applications through to digital media.