Urbis Designday
Anzac Wins

Urbis’s recent Designday was a good one for Auckland designer Anzac Tasker. He showcased four typographic installations alongside his 'How Matters' publication at Simon James Showrooms; under the category of Future Designers. Anzac's work discussed the relationship between the handcrafted and technology within the graphic design discipline. He used 3-D typography as the vehicle to visualise this concept.


It proved to be a hit on the day, with many of the 1500 or so punters who attended enjoying the noncommercial aspect of the Future Designer showcase. In fact, the DesignDay guests voted Anzac's installtion their favourite, earning him first place in the HP Future Designer competition.


Anzac says he was humbled by the opportunity to display his work in front of so many “well trained eyes”, who appreciate design across the board. He adds “As a graphic designer, it was a treat to communicate my message. It's what I'm trained to do.”\