Designworks' Fellow Named HP Future Designer
Anzac Tasker

Designworker Anzac Tasker walked away with the top prize from the HP Future Designer Award at the Urbis Designday Wrap Party on Wednesday 24th March. It was a great day for Anzac who showcased his four typographic installations alongside his 'How Matters' publication at Urbis Designday, located at Simon James Showrooms under the category of 'future designers'.

The award is new to the Urbis Designday, which gives an exclusive tour of Auckland’s leading design showrooms and celebrates talent from the worlds of fashion, art and architecture. Urbis Designday Wrap Party guests were unanimous that the new HP Future Designer competition was a great new addition to the event demonstrating fresh ideas across five design disciplines; fashion, graphic, product, spatial, and digital design.

There were seven installations by recent AUT design graduates that captured the attention of Designday guests last Saturday, but it was Anzac’s unique and fun approach to typography that truly captivated them. Anzac's work discusses the relationship between handcraft and technology within the discipline of Graphic Design. He used 3 dimensional typography as a vehicle to visualise this concept of bringing type ‘away from the computer and back into the craft’ with white panels and 3D type.

Anzac said of the event,  “I am humbled by the opportunity to display my work in front of so many well trained eyes who appreciate design abroad. And of course as a graphic designer, it was a treat to communicate my message. It's what I'm here to do.”

Editor of Urbis, Nicole Stock, who helped choose the final seven students, commented, “Urbis is very supportive of young designers and we felt Designday was a great opportunity to showcase great young talent to a discerning and design loving audience. The standard of the seven installations was very high and congratulations to Anzac for winning this award.”