Printed Matter
Book Cover Design

One of the design highlights of Emma’s trip to New York was the AIGA hosted lecture: Knopf: Then and Now. The talk was an exploration of Knopf’s outstanding visual history, as narrated by designers Carol Devine Carson, Barbara de Wilde, Archie Ferguson, and the legendary Chip Kidd. As a group the designers discussed the covers and the stories behind them, as well as examining what they were doing now in their careers.

“The thing that stuck out for me was although editorial/book cover design is a very narrow field to work in, Kidd's books were always unpredictable and unique. He seemed to have an uncanny way of playfully using bold photographic or ready-made elements to hint suggestively at the content of the book.”

Emma described the speakers as both “amazing yet humble” and passionate about their craft - Amazon’s Kindle technology was disparaged repeatedly.  Digital threats are very real and it will be fascinating to see how designers adapt their craft for technology.

To the right are some examples of Knopf’s finest covers.