New Reporting
Annual Reports 2011

New reporting for the new year - a round up of what has just come out of Designworks in the way of corporate communications for 2011:


Challenge: To make the often theoretical world of meteorology and the value of Metservice concrete in a real world context.

Angle: Heroing case studies with immediate real-life benefits like dodging the volcanic ash clouds and supplying weather information to the All Blacks to show the real world impact of a normally theoretical science.

Formats: Parallel production of a digitally printed report and online execution.

Auckland Airport

Challenge: To capture the new energy of Auckland Airport, express its vision and highlight its next phase drive.

Angle: The concept was ‘New Horizons’ – taking the reader on an engaging journey visually and emotively. The horizon line became a uniting visual feature as a continuous thread of action, constantly looking to the future.

Formats: Parallel production in printed format and interactive web execution.

The Warehouse

Challenge: To create a strong connection between the customer and the stakeholder journey.

Angle: The idea of 'A journey through the magic of the Warehouse' drove a report that celebrated and amplified the icons of the Warehouse.  Where Big Red was even bigger and better as you literally walk through the report as you would a store. Reporting with clarity while capturing the brand equity of a Kiwi retail leader.

Formats: Annual and CSR reports produced in both printed and online format.

Genesis Energy

Challenge: To capture the burgeoning digital information revolution happening in the energy industry, a revolution that is quickly giving consumers more choice and control over their power usage and supplier.

Angle: The idea was to use a consumer advocate to take our customers along on the journey of discovery between the innovative practises we employ in today's world, into tomorrow's changing energy production and distribution landscape. Marielle, a Genesis Energy team member serves as the guide through the printed document and online report.

Formats: This year’s Report is available in a comprehensive online format and an abbreviated print version that emphasises a representation of Genesis Energy’s financial and non-financial performance.