A bolder take on ‘New Horizons and New Altitudes’
Auckland Airport Interim Report 2012

The 2011 Auckland Airport Annual Report centered on a breakout year that took the airport out of a period of relatively flat profitability, and presented their standout results as a new operational benchmark. Following on from this, the 2012 Interim Report takes the “New Horizons and New Altitudes” theme one step further by symbolizing this new normal; a higher growth trajectory reflecting an elevated altitude that will be constantly maintained.

Through the use of a consistent horizon line - raised up to the top of the page - the theme is 'elevated' to reflect ongoing initiatives as well as functional information on returns/profits. The higher altitude is reflected consistently in each spread with the horizon device. Continued improvement is signaled by the ‘climbing’ typography, with ‘higher performing’ figures running across the top of the page.

The Interim Report, like the Annual Report, has a comprehensive online presence, giving viewers a sense of the full design style.