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Christchurch Quake

WIth Christchurch suffering its third, and most devastating, earthquake, Designworks extend its best wishes and support to the people of Christchurch.

Caught up in the devastation were Designworks' CEO, Sven Baker, and Odele Rodgers, who previously headed up our Christchurch office.

Sven took these photos immediately following the quake.

As reported on news website Stuff, Sven reckons a split-second decision to jump under a desk rather than run out the door saved his life.

He was in the bottom floor of a four-storey building (top photo) in downtown Christchurch when the top two floors collapsed.

"It was a miracle to have walked out," he said. "It was a massive earthquake, unbelievable, just took you off your feet, and the aftermath was just mass destruction.

"The split-second decision was to run out into the street or dive under a car or under a table, and I went under a table just as the whole facade of the building collapsed on to the street, so I'm pretty grateful for that instinctive decision.

"It would've been all over then because the whole facade came into the street crushing cars.

"Then it was just like a battle zone, just a street full of dust and screaming people and the smell of gas."

Designworks opened a branch in Christchurch in June last year, and works in a combined office with Haines recruitment, where about 15 workers all survived the quake, he said.

"Everyone's safe and sound, just really shook up. We had looked at evacuating people up to Wellington but they want to sit it out at their homes obviously."

"I'm glad to be out of there but still desperately sad for the people of Christchurch because it is just massive amounts of destruction compared to last time and a lot of scared and panicked people."

Footnote: After closing the office for several months due to it being red-zoned, Designworks are proud to now be back to help the city rebuild, with a new team headed by Michael Prentice.