Designers Speak
Cultural Exchange at Britomart

The DINZ Designers Speak event, sponsored by Dulux, brought together a range of professionals and disciplines to talk about the development of the Britomart precinct in the Barrington Building across the road from the Auckland Studio. Having created the original brand for the Britomart precinct Designworks was asked by DINZ CEO, Cathy Veninga, to create the campaign for the talk.

“Cultural Exchange”, the idea behind Britomart’s development, informed the approach to the event collateral.  Using an iconic X as a metaphor for exchange, the pairing of both a traditional and modern typeface on each poster was a nod to the exchange of both historical and modern buildings and the collaborations between designers and architects that realised Cooper&Co’s vision for the area.

Each designer on our Auckland team submitted an X for the poster pairings.  Screen printing these in studio was in itself an exercise in creative collaboration – with all the joy of the hands on process and the happy accidents and deregistered details that come with it.  A series of 3 colour ways of digitally printed posters were given away on the night with the screen prints on display in the venue.