Foreign Correspondents
Design works in Cannes II

Hi guys,

So much has been happening here, the days are packed full and the nights are crazy.

Day Three – Tuesday

Our first session was the GM Marketing from Kraft giving a presentation on ‘5 secrets for inspiring your customers’.  Really insightful presentation:

  • Don’t tell us your passionate about our business – show us

  • Teach us something new

  • Don’t digitally bug us – talk to us.. use the phone..not email!!!

  • Get to know us without barriers up.. talk straight.. no bullshit

  • Move it forward fast.

The second session was a showcase of work from 3 x independent agencies, for us this has been one of the highlights so far.

The Happiness Agency in Belgium are a group of people who don’t allow the technology to drive the idea rather the idea drive the technology. They have a group of ‘concept developers’ who initially come up with the idea and then pass it to the right group of specialists to implement it.  The showed us an example of this – IQ font creation.  This was done for Honda and the car actually creates the font – check it out line.

Sid Lee was the second agency who describes themselves as a collective.  They are a collection of multi-disciplinary people who come together to create solutions for their clients.  They are a completely flat hierarchy and work in pods which consist of the following - graphic designer, architect, interior designer, web designer copywriter and art director.  They start each job off with a collective brainstorm allowing the individuals to bring something unique to the table.  By doing this they truly create holistic brand experiences for their clients.

The last agency was Taproot India who developed the ‘hope for peace’ campaign.  These guys received a stand up ovation for helping drive peace between India and Pakistan.  Truly inspirational and shows how powerful communication can be.

The next session was The Contagious Conversation discussing the idea of igniting and owning the conversation.  They had many great case studies of brands that have done this right.  Again check it out online – when we are back we will dig out the links and send them through:

  • Gatorade campaign, which was targeted at encouraging the 30+ to do exercise.  They organised a rematch for an unfinished American Football match 15 years on.  The level of engagement was incredible.

  • Nike Chalbot campaign. Allowed people to text in their message for the Tour De France

Lastly we went to the Yahoo Ben Stiller interview – slightly disappointing, enough said.

The opening gala was on that night so we all headed down.  It was held outside on the beach in front of the famous Carlton Hotel.  Drinks were free flowing and the atmosphere was carnival like.

Day Four – Wednesday

The day started off slightly slower and there were a few sore heads at breakfast.

Spike Jones was up first and he really drives home the point about the need for everything to start from a great idea.  He urged us not to allow the process to erode the initial idea, we need to protect it and fight for it.

Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook was next. He said two things that really resonated with me:

  • ‘Have a long term perspective’

  • ‘We don’t design products to a timeline, when we have built them and they are ready we will release them.’

The last session and by far the best of the day was the Coke seminar.

They showcased the FIFA campaign and the thinking behind this was amazing.  There ambition is the following:

Currently there is 1.6 billion servings per day and the aim is to increase this to 3.2 billion servings by 2010.

Three learning’s from the campaign:

  • No shortcut to the big idea

  • Collaboration makes everyone better

  • Only authenticity can be scaled.

Following the sessions the boys headed down to the pub to watch the Aussie football game but us girls decided to head into the old part of the town for a nice and quiet dinner. It is a wonderful atmospheric part of the city and felt very French. The streets are all cobbled and lined with cute French cafes. The awnings of the restaurants were gorgeous and we took a plethora of photos for a show and tell.

Day Five – Thursday

Today started with DDB doing a presentation on new technology for visual effects coming out of Hollywood. Damian has filmed parts of this and when we are back we will upload.

Saatchi + Saatchi did their directors' showcase today which was interesting.  Some of them we had seen before, but they are definitely worth a look.

Check out, the pixel animation is pretty cool as well as the Lily Allen film.

Adobe was the next session and they really showed us the power of targeting your communication to consumers to better optimize your message.  They are also launching the first digital Museum online, 2/8, where artist will have the opportunity to display their work in the virtual space being built.

Finally we have just finished the Y+R session which could have been a lot better!  I have left Damian there to complete the day with the Uniqlo, 'from Tokyo to the world' session, I will let him write about that one.  I'm off to get glammed up for a night of festivities.

Will write again on Saturday before we start our trek home.  Damian has taken a load of photos and we will put together a photo diary when we are back.  STW and Cornwall are also putting together a book that covers all facets of the festival.

Hope all is well back there!

Nicki + Damian