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Designworks launches stunning exhibition

Designworks CEO, Sven Baker, took great pride in opening the stunning roundaboutº exhibition at Wellington's City Gallery.

roundaboutº – which began with a conversation between collectors David Teplitzky and Peggy Scott, and a handful of New Zealand artists and curators – is a unique collection of exceptional contemporary artworks produced by 108 gifted artists from around the world.

From China, India, Japan, Thailand, Bhutan and Tibet to New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Israel, Russia and the UK, the extensive geography that separates these artists finds common ground in roundaboutº.

roundaboutº is committed to facilitating creative dialogue and exchange between artists and cultures, particularly those that might not otherwise enjoy such altruistic freedoms. As such, it is a vehicle designed to celebrate our differences as well as our similarities in acknowledgement of the diversity of our planet and the rich and vital discourse that emanates as a result of its cross-currents.

The number 108 was chosen for its spiritual associations within Eastern faiths and manifest in the number of beads that comprise a Buddhist or Hindu mala necklace (commonly called prayer beads or Buddhist Rosary).

Though roundaboutº does not subscribe to any one faith or truth it does promote the idea that, perhaps like the beads on a mala necklace, we are all the sum of our parts: neither one part greater nor less significant than the rest. And if roundaboutº were to adopt a mantra to recite upon the mala it would certainly be a prayer for ‘peace’.

Rotating upon the axis of the roundaboutº homepage pinwheel is a quote from the visionary leader Martin Luther King Junior. Extracted from his famous speech ‘Where do we go from here?’ delivered in Atlanta, Georgia 1967, ‘I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear’ encapsulates the essence of the roundaboutº ethos.

It is also a challenge for all to experience the show, and the world that surrounds it, with this philosophy in mind.

Designworks has been a sponsor of City Gallery since 1999, but we have now upped our support – becoming a Foundation Sponsor, supporting the Gallery through the development of all its marketing collateral.

Home Page Image: Huang Yan, Chinese Landscape Face Painting – Summer, 2007. Oil on canvas, 200 x 200cm. Private collection. Image courtesy of roundabout˚.