9/10 for Soto Restaurant
Featured in Viva

Here's an extract from the article...


Poetic perfection

Soto's food and decor will likely have you waxing lyrical.

It's a joyous celebration of dazzlingly good design and exciting food. No, that's not a line from a PR company, it's what I couldn't help thinking as I looked around the newly transformed Soto in Saint Marys Bay Rd. After nine years of operation in the neighbourhood, owner Ricky Lee, also of Cocoro, decided it was time for a rebirth of this modest Japanese restaurant. He enlisted the design skills of Clark Pritchard and his team at Designworks to create a magical space that is "light, airy and modern" - words that do come from the PR, but I couldn 't have described it better-and the space is barely recognisable from its former incarnation.


Soto was so good it drove me to poetry.
Here's a haiku: 
Soto so scrumptious
You make macrame look cool
With your crafty food
I know when an eatery has truly
impressed me - I wake up and all I
can think of is when I can return.