The Colours of Summer

Designworks’ Spatial Team was asked to create a fitout for Brazilian jandals brand Havaianas’ semi-permanent store in Britomart. In contrast to its high-street neighbours, the retail space is colourful and brightly lit- a reflection of the brand essence- fun, fresh and a reminder to not take yourself too seriously. The concept was to inject a piece of Brazil into the streetscape, taking inspiration from the airy poolside cabanas of the 60’s.

The marble and quartz random stone floor, white timber slated walls and porthole shaped wall lights take the cabana reference one step further, giving customers the impression of stepping into a resort. With the constraints on space (a total area of only 18 square metres), the fitout is compact, and little details work together to enhance the illusion of space. Suspended lighting units, the Point-of-Sale counter and storage - reminiscent of poolside lockers that float above the floor - help create a feeling of space. A full length mirror at the back of the store, heroes the rainbow wall of jandals, and gives the impression of extending the store, while reflecting the street outside.

The use of natural cork stools help complete an overall look and feel that’s natural and sustainable. An open counter, where the retail assistant stands next to the customer during a transaction, enables a more personal approach to retail. Where most Kiwis would veer towards black jandals, colour blocking (with black at the back!) showcases the impressive range and choice on offer.