Drama Served
Heineken New Zealand Open 2012

One of the 40 tournaments that make up the ATP World Tour 250 series The Heineken New Zealand Open is the first big sports event of the new year.  A true summer event the Open showcases some of the world’s top seeded players to a New Zealand audience and is known to be one of the more friendly tournaments in the tennis circuit.

The brief from Tennis Auckland and Heineken was create an identity for the 2012 Heineken Open (January 9 - 14) that reflected the modern and vibrant nature of the event and one that aligned with the Heineken position as lead sponsor of the event.  Rather than a traditional grass court and white linen styled approach the identity would embrace the energy and dynamism of the event - think the modern energy US Open over the traditions of Wimbledon.

The concept was anchored around the Festival of Tennis – the colour, energy, passion and culture of tennis treated as a true celebration. Taking the event name, Open, as an invitation to open up the traditional tennis terminology and amplify their cheek and energy.  Signage and merchandise all bore phrases like “One Love”, with signs reading “Drama Served”, and T-shirts emblazoned with “Nice Set”- under a banner line for the whole event touting it as “Tennis with Balls”.

Boasting sold out matches during the tournament was a testament to the success that is possible when brand and design come together to create the atmosphere and communications that really build the vibrancy and excitement for an event.

Creative Director: Jef Wong

Designer: Damian Alexander

Client: DB Breweries,
Luke Rive, 
Jennie Macindoe, 
Mike Stribrny

Rollout: Met Design