On the Inside
Intern Appreciation

Morgan Howe describes a few of the most characterisitic impressions he's picked up during his internship at Designworks:

“I’m sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Jamaica, checking my e-mail, two people walk by and in a harsh whisper a women says to her friend, “isn’t that sad? That guy comes here on a vacation and he’s stuck checking his e-mail. He can’t even enjoy his two weeks off.” I think the real question (the one they probably wouldn’t want to answer) was, “ isn’t it sad that we have a job where we spend two weeks avoiding the stuff we have to do 50 weeks a year?” It took me a long time to figure out why I was so happy to be checking my e-mail on vacation. It had to do with Passion.” Seth Godin, Entrepreneur

Half way through my internship at Designworks and I think this quote by entrepreneur Seth Godin pretty much sums up my experience so far, here’s a few of the most characterising impressions I’ve picked up during my time at Designworks.

#001 - The People
Super friendly, hardworking, and charismatic, highly skilled and best of all, enjoy a good laugh.

#002 - Atmosphere
A pulsating office filled with busy meeting rooms, completed creative projects, awards, and of course, enthusiastic people.

#003 - The Vibe
In the first week I questioned as to why there were always people working before I arrived and after I left (and seemed happy doing so), was it due to their hours, an immense workload, or; the reply, because they want to be, they love their job.

This was a big shake up to me.  I had previously spent years pouring beers at the local pub serving those in suits. In addition, I worked outside – teaching more “suits” how to kite-surf.  As a result, I had the notion imprinted in me that the corporate world, a 9 to 5 job, was stiff and impossibly boring. So you could imagine the grin on my face as I left the office after my first week with the feeling that I could really get used to this.

#004 - Beer
Nothing beats having a cold beer (or two) at the end of a hectic day with people who have worked hard and earned it (and even designed the bottle we’re drinking from).

#005 - Thanks!
I can’t forget the most important part, and for once it’s not the beer. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank everyone at Designworks for the time and patience they have given me to share the almost infinite knowledge they have. After the first day I thought it would be impossible to feed my brain anything more. But as each day came with new tasks and challenges, it is exciting to know how much more there is to learn.