Super Properties

As Australia’s largest non-for-profit property funds manager ISPT develop and manage some of the country’s most successful properties. ISPT are unique in that they create better futures for Australians through the properties they invest in, however their public image did not express this unique trait in any way.

Designworks Melbourne was asked to create a new brand and marketing strategy to help clearly define a purpose for the ISPT brand across it’s many divisions, in essence it needed ‘one voice’ that would work across all communications.

The first step was to develop a single idea that would become the foundations for the brand. ISPT use superannuation to create amazing properties – Super Properties. The approach was to significantly enhance the presence of the brand whist also creating unique and innovative ways for ISPT to communicate with it’s investors and tenants.

The identity has been given clarity and presence by always being displayed on white – this gives it a commanding presence among it’s various partners and contractors logos while the use of strong colour in the vibrant graph-like blocks help breath new life into the identity and lift the unique messaging system that is overlayed onto bold hero imagery.

The result is a unique property and development brand that speaks to an industry in a new vibrant, confident and commanding tone of voice.