Who do you trust?
Attitude New Zealand survey

Trust is a hard won attribute, especially in the eye of the recession-weary consumer so Designworks is delighted to find a swag of clients ranking as the top trusted businesses in the minds of Kiwis.

The results from the Attitude New Zealand survey show Kiwibank is the most trusted brand in the country with 8% of votes, rising from 7% last year and in first place for the second time in a row.

The six-monthly survey by marketing research company Perceptive, canvasses more than 1000 New Zealanders on their most trusted brands, feelings about the economy and purchasing preferences.

In second place at 6% is another Designworks client, Air New Zealand .

With more than a third of respondents unable to even name a business they trust and the data showing that in general people have lost trust in banks since the previous survey, the fact Kiwibank increased its score is all the more impressive.

Southern Cross, which has been working with Designworks for the past two years, is listed as the most frequently mentioned trusted healthcare provider, with 18% of votes, ahead of hospitals (12%) and the family doctor or local medical centre (10%).

The brand experience and customer service these companies are designing and delivering are clearly hitting some key criteria for New Zealanders. How could you not warm to an airline offering “cuddle class”?


On a straight measure of highest recall, the companies named as “top of mind” (unprompted), as well as most trusted in their industries, include Kiwibank, Air New Zealand and Southern Cross.

Also topping their respective categories as “top of mind” were power company Genesis, with 22% of votes, and Kiwi beer icon Tui with 10%.

For sheer recall as an internet service provider, Telecom came out with 30% of votes and Xtra 11%, the combined total leaving its competitors a long way back.

Both Genesis and Tui have been working with Designworks for more than 10 years, and an in-house survey of how trusted they are around the office came back glowing......but it wasn’t scientific so we won’t be putting a paper out.