Letsfixit flush with success
Letsfixit update

“They wouldn’t even take a beer for their services. A big hug had to suffice. I just want to give you one as well for arranging this service for me.” Anne.

This message to the letsfixit.org.nz website, is just one of the many heartfelt messages of thanks that have made the letsfixit initiative so worthwhile.

For the past month, plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers from all over New Zealand – and even from across the Tasman – have been working tirelessly to fix Christchurch’s domestic water and sewerage systems. And they’ve been doing it for free.

Designworks worked with our client Leap, the originator of the idea, to launch letsfixit.org.nz – a registered charitable trust – in the week following the Christchurch earthquake. The aim was to take pressure off local services and provide very practical help for Christchurch people; to help them get their lives back in order faster by re-connecting basic domestic water and wastewater systems – with no charge for labour.

The call went out and offers of help and donations came in quickly from all over New Zealand, (and even from across the Tasman and Norfolk Island) with firms and individuals offering their time, tools and skills. Corporates and Christchurch residents have been quick to contribute too, offering assistance with transport, accommodation and hospitality.

So far more than 150 households have been helped by letsfixit, with another 65 (at time of writing) due to be seen within the next two weeks.

The generosity, goodwill and spirit created by the initiative has been humbling and inspiring. Many new bonds have been formed, scones eaten and stories shared and there are at least two plumbers out there with the beginnings of a very respectable wine cellar, courtesy of grateful Cantabrians.

The subject matter – while serious – has at times, inevitably lent itself to levity. ‘It turned out to be a small job for Scotty, but a major relief for us,’ was one of the messages of thanks from a Christchurch couple who once again have an operational flush toilet, thanks to a letsfixit plumber from Wellington.

There is still plenty of work to be done and offers of help are welcome at www.letsfixit.org.nz