Keeping childhood memories safe

MyStory the ultimate album/scrapbook is designed to help you record the early years of your child's life. A simple framework encourages you to pass on values and 'heart treasures' to the next generation.

As everyone's memories are different, the 160 page, hard covered album comes inside its own wooden box allowing you to record and express individual memories through words, pictures, keepsakes, gifts or mementos.

The sliding lid on the box is easy for kids to use, giving them the freedom to retrieve their treasures whenever they please. Small compartments inside the box are also great for hiding toys, shells, stickers or crayons.

MyStory helps you appreciate the wonder of "now", so that when you and your child have grown old you can be thankful for the early years you spent together.

The concept from the book to the box was created by designworks, produced by Parents Inc. in association with their principal supporter, AMI Insurance.

To go to the MyStory website click here or to view the Sunrise feature on the album click here.

If you want to purchase a MyStory, you can purchase online or over the phone from The Parenting Place on 0800 53 56 59.

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