designworks fellow opens up his exhibition
Anzac Tasker

Anzac Tasker, one of the Designworks fellows has opened up his end of year exhibition in which he explores the gap between execution and intent.

Anzac says of his work, the entire theory of this project talks about technology and the influence it has in the graphic design industry, and how reliant we have become on technology for graphic design.

His pieces are all typographical. By taking typography out of its most comfortable two-dimensional environment his work forms a visual metaphor for designers stepping out of their most comfortable environment, which he says, is their computer. In this way he explores three important factors of this design: space, process and time.

The most dominant tool in the design discipline is the computer and we are finding it increasingly difficult to step out of that environment. While it's a creative discipline, I found that you are literally turning your back to the real world and doing the creative work on the screen. I want to bring back a certain amount of craft back into my work. We should really spend more time experimenting, playing and cutting things out by hand. I like to experiment with different ideas. Within the timeframe you have to experiment and fail as much as you can, I believe you learn from your mistakes.

To bring this to life Anzac designed an incomplete typeface that although seems chaotic at first glance, requires time for it to make sense. It therefore forms a coherent typeface at just one point in time.

My process is to start from the beginning and to take certain steps away from the original, I want the viewer to piece it all together and come back to the meaning. I'll take it as a challenge [when I work at designworks] to maintain that balance between taking the time and the design process. The more you get in the habit of working in that certain manner the more efficient you get at it.

The exhibition opens at 6pm, 11 November and runs until the 15th. See it at Cross Street Studios, 27 Cross Street, Newton, Auckland CBD.

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