Designworks visionary leader 2008
The Mayor of Invercargill

The judges said of Shadbolt he has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation for standing up for causes he and the average kiwi believe in. He puts his heart and soul into whatever he does and works tirelessly to promote his causes, places and people.

The Mayor of Invercargill since 1993 - and one of New Zealand's most recognised and enduring characters - Shadbolt's efforts and wins on behalf of his adopted city are many and eclectic. Most recently he turned what some considered a lost cause, into a cause celebre, by using his mayoral contingency fund to feed rare Auckland Island pigs and save the sows ears to aid stem cell research towards a cure for diabetes.

Baker said "we were extremely happy that Tim was the recipient of this award. He is a visionary and iconic leader, who has done a great deal of work for New Zealand and we are proud to give more voice to his achievements."

designworks was a sponsor of the awards, designing the website, print ad campaign, menu, ticket design and multi media storyboard screens.