Minimal Mammal
The Phoenix Foundation win

The Phoenix Foundation album, Buffalo, has just taken out a number of categories at the 2010 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

The band won:

Best Album Cover – Paul Johnson
Best Engineer – Lee Prebble
Best Producers – Lee Prebble & The Phoenix Foundation

The album's artwork was lovingly crafted by Designworks' own Paul Johnson. Produced in conjunction with photographer Amelia Handscomb – the concept was to create a direct but skewed interpretation of the title track to the album.

Minimal typography, muted colour palette and reduced liner notes create a more contemporary, calm, minimal feel for the band that has often appeared eclectic, colourful and purposefully un-trendy.

The use of vintage stock imagery and old style sans-serifs follows the band's creative mantra of creating music that could belong to any time, and pays respect to the past in a way deeper than pure pastiche.

Paul has collaborated with the various members on several other projects over the years – from albums (Samuel Scott 'The Hunt Brings Us Life' and 'Straight Answer Machine'/Luke Buda's 'Special Surprise' and 'Vesuvius', Conrad Wedde's "Bronze" as well as TPF albums 'Happy Ending' and the re-release of 'Horsepower' - incidentally originally designed by former designworker Tana Mitchell) to tour collateral and band merchandise.

Fitting the new paradigm of an audience that demands digital distribution and retro fetishism, Buffalo is available on CD, from iTunes, on limited edition 12" German pressed vinyl and in several unique deluxe formats including the 'Golden Buffalo' and 'Origami Buffalo' packages which include band merchandise, vinyl, digital downloads and an origami kit with instructions for creating an origami Buffalo for your shelf. Watch an origami buffalo tutorial here.