Norm inspires design leadership
Norm Hewitt talks

At the recent Designworks staff conference held at The Chateau, Designworks' mentor Norm Hewitt spoke about his own journey to the top. His started when he told his family, at the age of seven, that he was going to be an All Black after watching a test match.

Norm shared with Designworks how, at a young age, he had achieved what he wanted – becoming an All Black – but how he had 'lost' himself in the process. He then went on to explain how he set about reclaiming an identity he could be proud of.

His advice was that achieving your goals starts with defining them. Only then can you take tangible steps towards them i.e. putting yourself in the right place to succeed.

A gifted speaker, highly in tune with where people are at emotionally, Norm now works with several of New Zealand's leading companies on building powerful staff cultures.

The Chateau conference was a chance for the entire Designworks team to get together after a substantial period of growth and several new appointments.