Transplanting an ancient tradition to the youngest nation on earth

New Zealand is the new home for a 4,000-year-old Chinese Oolong tea. The start-up company, Zealong, is growing its tea in the Waikato using traditional production methods the first time Oolong tea has ever been grown outside Asia.

With prices in China ranging from $600 to $11,000 dollars a kilo, Oolong tea is not only seen as prestigious, it also plays an important role in Chinese business practice, serving as a conversation starter at business meetings.

The distinctive selling point for Zealong is the pure, clean, green growing conditions of New Zealand. designworks has worked with the owners to develop the name, brand and packaging for Zealong positioning it as a tea of the very highest quality.

Zealong has recently been profiled on Campbell Live. To view the video clip go to

Picture courtesy of Marketing Manager, Gigi Crawford from Zealong.