Cheers Design Week
Waitemata Sparkling Ale a finalist in UK Design Week awards

The Waitemata Sparkling Pale Ale packaging, created by Designworks for DB Breweries has been named as a finalist in the globally-renowned Design Week Awards in London.

The ‘celebration pack,’ commemorating eighty years of brewing history, was to be given as a Christmas gift to both DB's staff and clients. The idea was to bring back a cherished ‘pioneering beer’ – the Waitemata Sparkling Pale Ale – in mint condition with stories that evoked the ‘golden age.’

First brewed back in 1930, Waitemata was referred to as 'The Prince of Ales' and 'Today's Great Drink.'

For the design of the celebration pack the idea was to create a screenprinted aesthetic look with bold, overlapping blocks of colour. Designworks redrew the roundel from the original packaging and decided to keep the cheerful palette of yellow, red and green. Designworks also designed a Christmas card that went with it. To add to the theme of nostalgia the card folded out into a gallery of the past eighty years of DB’s beer heritage, featuring classic ads and photography from the DB’s archives.

The result was the revival of a significant part of New Zealand’s brewing history, much to the delight of those lucky enough to get their hands on one. The celebration packs evoked feelings of nostalgia as people recalled drinking the beer decades ago, or even how it was their parent’s favourite drop.

The winners for the Design Week Awards will be announced at the London Hilton on Tuesday 8th March.