Inspiring people with a passion
William Angliss

William Angliss Institute is an Australian icon in food, tourism and hospitality training. Many of Australia’s great chefs and hospitality entrepreneurs have trained there.  When the team at William Angliss felt their brand had lost a little of its inherent magic, they approached Designworks to refocus the story and its brand identity.

Fifteen thousand students train every year at the William Angliss campuses around Australia and Asia. They are passionate, adventurous people. Desk jobs are not for them; they want the thrill and creativity that comes with food, tourism and hospitality. So that’s where Designworks turned its attention and brought to life the celebration of spirit, passion and adventure of the students and the teachers.

The brand positioning was built around ‘inspiring people with a passion’, giving the college permission to celebrate the out of the ordinary careers they championed.

Out of this positioning, Designworks created the brand strategy, customer segmentation strategy, enrolment campaign and brand design including communications hierarchy, brochures, course guides, environment and signage.