Redesigning PostShop reinventing the experience
Store of the Future

An intensive period of retail strategy, experience design, prototyping and testing, culminate this weekend with the launch of the new PostShop store of the future in Ellerslie and a franchise store within Paper Plus at Botany Junction.

The pilot sites are part of an ongoing programme which has seen PostShop as a retail offering and experience, redesigned from the ground up. Focused around the idea of giving each visitor a sense of refreshing ease whether dashing in for stamps and bill payments, or a high value consultation around Kiwibank services.

The new experience combines the strengths of the two brands into a united offering, allowing customers to do more in one place than they'd previously imagined making quick transactions quicker and involved consultations more professional and valuable.

The nationwide rollout of the new PostShop commences from August and will see everything from new floor plans, fit outs, fixtures, materials, merchandising and signage systems implemented across the biggest retail network in the country.

Here's where 'things to do get done' in the future!

From the outset designworks has been lead partner to the NZ Post Group in the strategic, conceptual, and design development of the project.