Putting a new name up in lights
Wellington Electricity

When The Cheung Kong Group acquired an electricity lines business from Vector and entered the Wellington market, they wanted to create a brand that would acknowledge the catchment area and convey their commitment to service.

We were asked to create a contemporary visual identity for the new energy services brand, Wellington Electricity Lines Limited.

Using a simple abbreviation of the name (WE*) as the identity, gives Wellington Electricity the ability to use its name as a pronoun to create engaging customer communications that feel inclusive and acknowledge commitment to the region.

The identity is a simple, contemporary mark, made up from a grid or network of lights in the Wellington region's colours that reflect the very nature of an electricity infrastructure business. The sans serif typography is clean and modern with a distinctive, engineered look to the characters

Deliverables: Identity design, stationery, signage, website, collateral.

To find out more visit www.welectricity.co.nz